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Ask your doctor how pain relief methods might affect your baby or your ability to breastfeed after delivery.If your baby is breech, your doctor may try to turn the baby a few weeks before your due date simply by pushing your abdomen or suggest a cesarean delivery.If the uterus ruptures, the life of the baby and mother is in danger.

Try to find the most comfortable position during contractions and to let your muscles go limp between contractions.Interactive and timeless, the collection captures pieces of history as.Today, VBAC is a reasonable and safe choice for most women with prior cesarean delivery, including some women who have had more than one cesarean delivery.C-sections also increase the risk of problems in future pregnancies.Epidural anesthesia is the most popular method of pain relief during labor.

Immersion is often more effective and safer than an epidural.You might want to rest, watch TV, hang out with family, or even go for a walk.

With VBAC, the most serious danger is the chance that the c-section scar on the uterus will open up during labor and delivery.Most women can drink and eat during labor, which can provide needed energy later.

You will want to be sure the benefits of inducing labor outweigh the risks of induction and the risks of continuing the pregnancy.Sometimes, opioids also are given with epidural or spinal blocks.

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Epidural anesthesia is regional anesthesia that blocks. birth at hospitals use epidural.Many types of medication can ease pain during labor and delivery.Contractions are very powerful, with very little time to relax in between, as the cervix stretches the last, few centimeters.You have contractions that become stronger at regular and increasingly shorter intervals.The spinal block works right away and completely numbs your body from the chest down.Your doctor might try to rotate the baby, or the baby might turn on its own.

Rupture of membranes is the medical term for your water breaking.Babies born by c-section have more breathing problems right after birth.You might find pushing to be easier or more comfortable one way, and you should be allowed to choose the birth position that feels best to you.Studies show that epidural increases risk of assisted vaginal delivery.C-section is major surgery, and recovery takes about six weeks (not counting the fatigue of new motherhood).You will push hard during contractions, and rest between contractions.